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Thursday Round-Up: December 8

December 8, 2011

The US Senate will soon decide on the Republican-proposed “Jobs Through Growth Act.” The name sounds innocent enough, but the bill includes legislation that would place caps on medical malpractice damages. According to Professor Alberto Bernabe of Torts Blog, similar legislation in Texas suggests that this will strike a huge blow to patients’ rights in the United States with little success in reducing healthcare costs.

Starbucks is in hot water for forcing customers who purchase gift cards to agree to some outrageous terms, including a forced arbitration clause and bans on class-action lawsuits and punitive damages. Consumer activist groups are fighting back against what they perceive as an attempt by Starbucks to create “corporate immunity.” If you’re interested, you can click here to sign the petition.

J Edgar, a recent film on the life of J. Edgar Hoover, has been criticized several times for its depiction of the famed FBI agent as inaccurate and even insulting to his memory. Jonathan Turley explores the issue of defamation of the dead. Could Hoover’s survivors’ claim defamation?

And Finally, officials at a South Boston elementary school are toeing the line between “zero tolerance” and “zero thought” in the case of Mark Curran. To escape from a bully who was allegedly choking him, 7-year-old Mark kicked the boy in the groin. Now, he’s being investigated for sexual harassment. -Thanks to Jonathan Turley for the tip!

By: Mike Hess, Legal Assistant, Greg S. Young Co. L.P.A.

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