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The Daily Roundup: Christmas Eve Edition

December 25, 2011

Santa Claus. The mere mention of the legendary gift-giver’s name evokes an emotional response in children and adults the world over, somewhere in between awe and unadulterated glee. And how could you not like the guy? He delivers a mind-blowing number of gifts to children all around the world in a single night, and graciously accepts nothing more than a few cookies and some milk in return. Well, even the most charitable among us is no longer safe from the litigious society that America has become. Check out these Grinches who want to sue Santa Claus:

A UK woman is suing Santa for negligence after tripping on a stray icicle and breaking her hip. She argues that Santa or one of his elves should have spotted the icicle ornament, which had fallen off a nearby Christmas tree.

The FTC has Charged Santa Claus a Record Fine for Violating Children’s Privacy, according to  Jeff Jarvis of Thanks to the Law and Humanities Blog for the tip!

After several injustices over the years, including trespassing and breach of contract, Nick Farr of has reached the only logical conclusion: I Must Now Sue Santa.

And now, a few warnings about some of the more extravagant items you might have on your wish list this year:

You'll shoot your eye out!

 When it comes time to get your new Ferrari serviced, choose your mechanic wisely. One Ferrari enthusiast learned this the hard way when he took his prancing horse to the Ferrari Centre in Kent, England. After service and maintenance, a technician totalled the Italian exotic while testing it out on a nearby highway– at 80 mph. Bad enough for the owner, but the technician was paralyzed in the incident and is now suing the shop for requiring him to test the vehicle on a public road.

And finally, while you will be tempted, you must resist the temptation to ride your brand new Segway scooter blindfolded through an obstacle course without a helmet on. As one Connecticut man can attest, the resulting brain damage is not worth the $10 million he received in damages.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

By: Mike Hess, Legal Assistant, Greg S. Young Co. L.P.A.

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